In Gneist we have two different fees:

1) Hovedlagskontingent (membership fee)

2) Treningsavgift (group fee) 

Membership fee is only paid once a year for each member. This is the fee you pay for beeing a member of our sportsclub. 

Group fee is paid to the sport/group you participate in. Every group has individual pricing, depending on age, expences, equipment etc. Group fee is paid to every single sport you participate in. Group fee is normally paid once a year (january/february or august/september) or divided into two seasons. 

Economic help:

In Gneist we want everyone who wants to, to be able to participate in sports. Therefore we want you to contact us if you find it hard to pay the bills from us, or if you have any questions regarding payment. This way we can find a soloutin together. You can contact our club coordinator Kristine at

We use the app Spond for everything, so it's important to download this app if you become a member in Gneist.

Spond app (click on the photo)